Personal & Family Taxes

Cottage Country Tax Accountant

Cottage Country Tax Accountant

What KATA Does for Cottage Country

Tailored tax preparation and filing services to meet your current needs.

CRA correspondence to deal with past situations.

Tax planning and advice for the future.

Personal Tax Filing

Family Tax

Family Budgeting

CRA Communication

Financial Planning

Home Buying

Why is KATA Better?

KATA Accounting Solutions Professional Corporation gets you the biggest tax savings for the best price in the fastest amount of time.

KATA Cares About People

Just like our customers, we are small business people.

We know the struggles of wearing many hats.

Caring comes from understanding how it feels to have so many things to do.

KATA Collaborates with Cloud Technology

Technology saves time and makes more money.

Being able to communicate and collaborate with your accountant anywhere means more freedom and faster processing.

KATA Communicates in Plain English

Have you ever gotten light headed while listening to an accountant speak?

You have the right to understand your situation on your terms.

Our people communicate in ways that you’ll understand better than most firms.

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