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What We Do

KATA Accounting provides personal tax preparation and filing services as well as advanced tax and financial planning for Canadians.  Everybody is different and has different needs and we do our best to tailor our services and approach to what the customer needs.

Personal Tax Filing

Preparation and filing of T1 personal tax returns is a staple service we offer.  We’ve seen a lot of different situations and know how to handle them.  What do you need help with? 

Communication with CRA

CRA audits, reviews and disputes can be very stressful.  We communicate with CRA regularly and are happy to consult with you to try and achieve the best possible result.

Family budgeting

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of families get into trouble from overspending or failing to save and invest appropriately.  Don’t let this happen to your family!

Advanced Financial Planning

We work with VisionWorks Financial Life Planning software to help you create and objective financial plan tailored to YOUR needs and goals.  What’s your plan?

Why are We Different?


At KATA Accounting, we leverage technology to get results, and we encourage our clients to do the same.  By leveraging the various platforms and tools that the internet and modern technology provide, we can help show you more efficient ways of managing your financial information.

Cloud computing is here now!  We continually explore new tools and technologies to find the best and most useful apps that can plug in with your systems.  Beyond Google Drive and other basic online storage systems, the cloud can allow you to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend tracking your situation and make your life easier.


Some of the cloud platforms we use include:

  • Google Workspace
  • Dubsado
  • CRA’s Rep a Client Portal

Industry News

Personal Taxes FAQ – 2020 COVID Edition

2020 Personal Tax FAQs   *Plan ahead for tax-filing season. To avoid delays and to reduce your potential exposure to COVID-19, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) encourages you to sign up for direct deposit, and file online as early as February 22, 2021.*   GENERAL...

A few tidbits about this year’s taxes!

A few tidbits about this year’s taxes!

Tax breaks you can no longer claim: Tuition. Students in Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick can no longer claim a provincial tax credit for their tuition expenses, noted Warren Orlans at TurboTax. The federal tuition tax credit, however, is still alive and well....

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration, and A Chocolate Chip Cookie Collaboration - whether we realize it or not - has been a driving factor in the development of human civilization.  From the first hunter-gatherer societies, use of skills have been exchanged to benefit the...