Business Accounting & Tax

What We Do for Canadian Companies

Business accounting and tax services for internet-based Canadian self-employed and corporate small businesses.

Financial Reporting Services

Compilation of financial statements for presentation to management, investors, and government bodies.

Preparing & Filing Taxes

Income taxes, HST & tax planning are standard.

Assistance in any CRA audits, reviews and disputes.

Process Improvement

Thorough process review, revision, development, and implementation to save time and create efficiency and ease of use.

Performing Analysis

Support decision-making or evaluate programs, staff and other business functions.

Who We Help


KATA Cares About People

Just like our customers, we are small business people.

We know the struggles of wearing many hats.

Caring comes from understanding how it feels to have so many things to do.

KATA Collaborates with Cloud Technology

Technology saves time and makes more money.

Being able to communicate and collaborate with your accountant anywhere means more freedom and faster processing.

KATA Communicates in Plain English

Have you ever gotten lightheaded while listening to an accountant speak?

You have the right to understand your situation on your terms.

Our people communicate in ways that you’ll understand better than most firms.

Looking for a Canadian Tax Accountant to file your T2?

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