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Start Here: What KATA is all About

KATA Accounting Solutions Professional Corporation is more than just a tax accountant. We are a communicative, collaborative & innovative personal tax & small business accounting firm.

KATA Tax Learning Centre

Learn about all the different aspects of the Canadian accounting & tax system from a tax accountant. We dig deep into tax brackets, various tax credits, and even give some ideas on how to use any tax refund you may be entitled to wisely.

Recent Posts

Discover the latest blog posts on topics ranging from entrepreneur mental health to business communication and tax technology. Oh yeah, did we mention tax tips?

Entrepreneur Mental Health Essentials

Mental health has a huge impact on your bottom line. This series is designed to help you weather the stress of starting your own business.

Business & Environment

A healthy environment to do business in is crucial for your future. We discuss sustainability in the context of business opportunity.

KATA Bookkeeping Learning Centre

Bookkeeping is the basis of business records. Without good bookkeeping, you’re missing out on tax deductions and are putting your small business at risk. Learn about bookkeeping services for your small business now.

Business Tech Learning Centre

Technology is a tool for your professional career or small business. Learn how to use it mindfully and avoid the pitfalls.

Small Business & Marketing Tips

Discover seasonal small business marketing tips and how to scale your company for tax optimization as you grow.

Personal Finance

Learn the secrets of personal finance from a tax accountant. Become proactive with your finances and stay ahead.

The Importance of Communication

Many CPAs don’t get back to their clients. We believe communication is the most important part of any business relationship, because if no one replies nobody knows what’s going on.


Accountants are not boring. We live unique lives full of fun stuff. Discover all the wonders of the work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

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