Are you looking to upscale your business?  Tired of ‘working on the books’ late into the evening?  Kata can help!

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What We Do

KATA Accounting Solutions provides bookkeeping services by leveraging proven technologies to automate, expedite and create efficiencies wherever possible.  Our processes are designed with communication at front-of-mind. We use tools such as Receipt Bank and Hubdoc to gather documentation, and use their machine learning components to input those in the cloud accounting ecosystem (QuickBooks Online or Xero).  We also include Plooto for payment processing and for insights in our standard tech-stack.

KATA Accounting Solutions stays up-to-date on the big technology trends with a passion for applying technologies to small business to drive results and provide time for ownership or management.  Let us take care of the back-office while you drive sales!


“Jonathan integrated budgeting into our Quickbooks®‎ Enterprise software and created reports that allow management to track progress and plan for the future.

Robert Hyde – VP of Finance and Administration


Industry News

Personal Taxes FAQ – 2020 COVID Edition

2020 Personal Tax FAQs   *Plan ahead for tax-filing season. To avoid delays and to reduce your potential exposure to COVID-19, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) encourages you to sign up for direct deposit, and file online as early as February 22, 2021.*   GENERAL...

A few tidbits about this year’s taxes!

A few tidbits about this year’s taxes!

Tax breaks you can no longer claim: Tuition. Students in Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick can no longer claim a provincial tax credit for their tuition expenses, noted Warren Orlans at TurboTax. The federal tuition tax credit, however, is still alive and well....

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration, and A Chocolate Chip Cookie Collaboration - whether we realize it or not - has been a driving factor in the development of human civilization.  From the first hunter-gatherer societies, use of skills have been exchanged to benefit the...