Training The Kata Way

My First Week

As with all other journeys, it starts with a single step. 

In the corporate world, it helps if someone walks along with you until you find your stride. 

Training is one of the crucial elements that will define an individual’s success in the company. Beyond the initial impressions – the physical ones – the embedded culture influences one’s commitment level to the company. 

This culture is manifested in a key aspect of the company: its training.

My training in Kata gave me an encouraging experience of how it is to have a positive work collaboration. The first-day huddle gave me a sense that every positive gain, no matter how small, is recognized. Who would not feel encouraged to go on? 

And so, I excitedly continued, knowing that this journey is guided by people who genuinely want to see you succeed.

I was introduced to the responsibilities of my position and the necessary workflows. The tasks initially seemed daunting because some of the tools employed were relatively new to me. 

However, as we progressed, I felt I could be up to it because of how my mentors presented the complex concepts clearly and understandably. Their approach catered to my limited tech proficiency. 

Consequently, I learned about using Dubsado for projects and workflows, Slack for communications, and Vbout, Canva, and WordPress for the company’s blog and social media posts.

The one that stood out as something that I should pour more effort into is Dubsado, the company’s system for managing, organizing, streamlining, and automating client processes. 

I am grateful to Julia, the Customer Experience and Marketing Coordinator, for making it easier for me to ask questions and seek clarification.

I am looking forward to gaining more traction in this area. Looking back on the first week of my journey with Team Kata, I can truly say I am blessed to be part of this wonderful group. 

First impressions last, but not forever. In the corporate world, one can be impressed by the physical attributes of an organization – the building, the work area, the furniture and equipment, and the sheer number of people working in it. 

However, the culture? That is something you need to discover. 

As far as I know, I am in the place where I want to be.


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