Technology Tools & Toys

Technology as a Business Tool

Technology is vast. We could talk about installing a smart TV, buying a new laptop, or building a rocket destined for Mars. But we’re not going to explore all that here. We’re talking about technology tools for small businesses and career success.

Tech Toys Vs. Tools

In the tech world, you should first understand that we’re mostly talking about devices connecting to the internet—anything from a smartphone to a gaming console or a laptop to a server farm. A gaming console is a toy, whereas a server farm is a tool. Keep in mind many of these devices can go both ways. You can get work done on your smartphone, but it can also be used to goof around when you’re meant to be working. To get the most out of your tech, you need to get the difference between tech toys and tools – and you need to set some boundaries with your technology.

Tech Toys

Toys aren’t just for kids. Adults need to have their fun too. And for the tech savvy, there is no shortage of toys on the market. Everything from a voice assistant box that automates your home to a gaming system that connects you to players all over the world is available. But many of these things are expensive – in both dollars, time invested and environmental impact. For the money spent, is it really adding value? Some tech is useful, and other tech is not.

Tech Tools

Like your money, technology is meant to be a useful tool. It’s designed to save time, make money, improve results, and complete menial tasks. That’s the difference between tech tools and toys: the former is useful while the latter is just for fun. A laptop used to complete monthly bank reconciliations of your business accounts is a useful tool. The same laptop used to binge-watch every Ryan Reynolds movie available on Netflix is a toy that distracts you from your work. Be wise with how you use your tech. If you’re running your own business or simply want to get more done in your personal life or career, being mindful or your tech use can really make a difference.

Tech Maintenance

It’s the middle of winter and your car won’t start. Would you call Toyota and ask them why your car isn’t working, or would you call a tow truck and have it repaired? Tech marketing is not fair to consumers. It promises to remove the work in your life. Tech will help you save time and automate tasks, but it doesn’t magically work forever. Just like a car, a power drill, or a table saw it has moving parts and requires maintenance. If you don’t sharpen your kitchen knife, eventually it won’t cut well. 

All your tech requires maintenance to work properly. Common maintenance includes deleting history logs, installing updates, rebooting, reloading, reinstalling, and many other annoying tasks that no one likes doing. It’s part of the deal, and it’s easier if you accept that up front. We’ll discuss specific maintenance in upcoming posts, so make sure to subscribe at the end of this post.

Tech in Small Business

Your small business needs to be profitable. That means your revenue (money in) is more than your expenses (money out). If you spend all your revenue and then some on tech toys that don’t add value to your business, you’re not being profitable. And we want your small business or career goals to become a reality.

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