Communication Matters Most

Why Communication is Important

Communication matters most because you need to know what’s going on to make decisions. How many times have you been left confused by a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)? It can feel like they’re expecting everyone to have a Master’s in finance! And seriously, wouldn’t it be in their best interest to explain things in terms that everyone can comprehend? Maybe so many people wouldn’t leave their CRA mail unread. That’s where a good accountant comes in.

One of the main reasons customers leave accounting firms is because of communication – or, rather, a lack of communication. Often, people will email or call their accountants and not hear back for weeks or even months! To us, this is completely unacceptable (and if we’re ever guilty of this, please call us on it!)

Your taxes, your financials, they are your business. If you are working with someone who can’t be counted on to communicate with you, how can they be counted on at all? Furthermore, letters from CRA are usually time sensitive. What good is it if you hear back from your accountant after a deadline?

Our Communication Goal

At KATA Accounting Solutions Professional Corporation, we strive to communicate in terms that our customers can easily understand – without having to look up terminology on the Internet. Our goal is give you the information you need to run and grow your enterprise effectively.

Continuous Improvement

Now, everyone is guilty of poor communication at times – and it will likely happen again. However, with our continual improvement approach, we take it very seriously when we have a communication issue and strive to prevent it from happening again.  

For instance, we recently sent a standardized email that sent one of our customers into a panic because it was not clear enough. Immediately, we were able to incorporate feedback from this customer and revise the email so that it will be much clearer. This customer is happy and our future customers will be far less likely to misunderstand this communication. That’s how much we value clear communication.

We Take Communication Seriously

We speak your language. Our understanding of Accountantese is on par with the top firms in the world. But unlike other accountants, we translate the complex into plain English so you know what’s going on too. We always try to get back to customers as quickly as is reasonably possible. We always like to make sure customers know how to get a hold of us and know what’s going on with their particular situation. This is one of the ways we create happy customers and have been doing so successfully for the last six years.

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