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Born in the cloud and alive everywhere, we are a Canadian virtual accounting firm serving the future.

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Our cloud family of creative customers is growing.

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Who do we serve?

KATA Accounting provides cloud based tax solutions and bookkeeping ecosystems for Creators, Coaches & Consultants.

Commerce for creatives

Some of our customers publish comic books. Others design gardens for city dwellers. What’s your passion, and how can we help you profit from it?

Cash from consulting

From advising Indigenous organizations to online digital marketing firms, our customers are well poised to meet the needs of the future.

Coaching the cream of the crop

Coaches bring a lot of value to their customers, and we bring a lot of value to help the coaches we serve grow their profitable practices into full-time lifestyles.

Entrepreneurs | Sole Proprietors | Corporations | Franchisees | Partnerships

Our Customer Family

We help small businesses grow. Our entrepreneurs succeed.

Our Online Team

Virtual | Accounting | Ecosystem

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Virtual Accounting Firm

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KATA Accounting Solutions PC is a forward-thinking accounting and tax firm with great customer service.

Virtual Accounting Firm

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