Early Bird Tax Preparation Discounts

Why pay full price for tax preparation when you could get a discount? If you have all your documents ready early, you can potentially save a lot of money this tax season.

KATA’s Early-Bird Tax Preparation Discounts

At KATA Accounting Solutions PC, we have early-bird tax preparation discounts for Canadian personal tax returns. You could save a substantial amount of money just for being early. Sounds good? Read on for the details.

If you get everything to us before April 1st, you get 30% off our fee. If you miss that deadline you can still get 10% off by getting us everything before April 15th.

No discounts if you’re already late, sorry. We can’t guarantee your taxes will be filed on time if your submissions come April 24th or later.

Why We Offer Tax Preparation Discounts

We love rewarding organized customers and returning customers with great pricing. Remember, your taxes are being professionally prepared and filed by a registered CPA firm. It’s never in your best interest to pay more fees.

It helps us spread the work out over tax season. This increases our accuracy and results in a better product for you. Most tax firms are hit by an onslaught of personal taxes in the last two weeks of the season – stressing out the team. Being overwhelmed by an overflow of work results in your tax preparer rushing your return. When people rush to get work done, they make more mistakes.

We can provide tax owing balances before personal tax payments are normally due on April 30th. This can potentially save you money on interest and penalties and, if you are entitled to a refund, get you your money faster. Not everyone gets a refund every year. 

A Little Extra Time

The key date that everyone needs to remember is May 2, 2022. Since April 30 falls on a Saturday this year, we get an extra couple of days to squeeze in those last-minute payments and last-minute filings. Personal taxes owing are due May 2, 2022 this year.

For the self-employed your tax filing is due June 15, but your taxes owing are still due May 2, 2022. If you aren’t sure if you owe, it’s better to pay now and get the refund when you file instead of getting penalties and interest. Why give them more money for nothing?

If you have more questions about deadlines, or what exactly tax season is, be sure to check out our article on Orillia Matters. If you have specific questions about your situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Other Tax Preparation Discounts

We’re always looking to improve. One of the ways we do that is by helping other people improve how they organize. For the first time this year, we’re offering an additional $10 off for people who submit their information using our forms. Although we often enjoy seeing people’s spreadsheet creations, our forms make our job faster to save you money. They also help our customers understand what is and isn’t deductible.

Peace-of-Mind Tax Preparation

CRA Audit & Review Insurance

This year, for the first time, we’re offering to insure your return against Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) review or audit. That means, if you receive a review or audit letter, our team will help you through the process. Of course, we can’t guarantee results, but you will have professional guidance through the process. Our audit insurance is a flat rate of $50 per return for each year of filing.

Save Money On Tax Preparation

Are you an early bird? Save money on tax preparation fees with KATA. What are you waiting for? The savings will be over soon.