KATA Accounting Early Bird Tax Specials

Reviewed January 2023

Most people must file their taxes by the last day of April (or the next business day if the last day falls on a weekend).

People often contact us near the deadline to get returns filed. The effect can be like drivers rushing to put on winter tires the day before a predicted winter storm. Often, car shops are booked up, causing delays. Those who booked their appointments beforehand, however, don’t experience those headaches or uncertainties.

That is why we offer two solutions to help you prepare and file your taxes on time.

The first is our Priority List, and the second is our Early Bird Savings.

Priority List Registration

We offer our subscribers (and now you) the opportunity to register on our Priority List. Once you submit your information, you don’t have to do anything else until we reach out to you several weeks into February to get the ball rolling. Registering on the Priority List gives you peace of mind (like planning to change into winter tires in advance and not the night before a winter storm). It also helps us plan for the busy tax filing season. Not only this but registering in our Priority List means you automatically qualify for our early bird savings.

Please select the appropriate button below for your personal tax filing needs, and we will reach out to you a little into February of the tax filing year to get the ball rolling.

Now, more about our early bird savings.

Early Bird Savings

If you get everything to us before April 1st, you will get 25% off.

But don’t worry; if you miss that deadline, you can still get 10% off by getting us everything before April 15th.

There is no guarantee that your taxes will be filed on time for any submissions that come in past April 20th. This is why it is so important to register for our Priority List so you can have peace of mind in meeting tax filing deadlines. Also, after April 15th, full prices apply.

If you’ve never filed a personal tax with us and would like more information, click on the button below or this link. If you’re a returning personal tax client, please click the appropriate button below or this link to join our Priority List.

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