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Personal & Family Taxes

Anything from a simple T4 based return, to tax returns for students, seniors, business owners, and self-employed individuals.


Personal Tax Planning

Whether you don’t want a big tax bill at the end of the year or you want to maximize your refund through RRSP’s – we can help with that too!


We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Clients and our Accountants.

At KATA Accounting we recognize that all financial decisions rest in the hands of people. All business, all charity, and other good works – all transactions begin and end with a person. Our focus on people is one of KATA’s core values and we are intent on delivering a superior customer experience – especially to our personal accounting clients!

KATA Accounting offers personal accounting services for individuals and families, from simple tax returns to planning for the future, buying a home, and more.



“As a product manager at Intuit, I am constantly looking for customers to partner with to improve our products and understanding of the accounting market. Whenever we are looking to gather insights and feedback, Jonathan is at the top of our list to reach out to as one of the most modern and progressive professionals in the accounting space.”

Lee MacKenzie, Intuit Product Manager


Industry News

A few tidbits about this year’s taxes!

A few tidbits about this year’s taxes!

Tax breaks you can no longer claim: Tuition. Students in Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick can no longer claim a provincial tax credit for their tuition expenses, noted Warren Orlans at TurboTax. The federal tuition tax credit, however, is still alive and well....

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration, and A Chocolate Chip Cookie Collaboration - whether we realize it or not - has been a driving factor in the development of human civilization.  From the first hunter-gatherer societies, use of skills have been exchanged to benefit the...

How People Waste Money

How People Waste Money

I’ve been working on a product that will help families and individuals control their finances better, and it has caused me to look inward into ways I save and waste money.  Reading several articles, and from experience, both personal and professional, I’ve...